19 June 2018 - 1 min read

Multi-account management: unifying a company's accounts

Multi-account management: unifying a company's accounts

Dawex strengthens its offering by adding new governance features for your purchases, activity management, and your company's members on the platform. Using the new multi-account feature, you now benefit from management tools and a unified view of all your co-workers' activity on the Dawex data marketplace.

Account administration

Multi-account support is designed for all companies that wish to get several members of their organization involved with the Dawex data marketplace, both for acquiring and monetizing data. This feature, which gives you a convenient way to manage as many members of your organization as you want, also enables you to:

  • Oversee the quality and consistency of information describing your company
  • Manage member accounts for your organization on the platform
  • Define roles for each member
  • Invite your co-workers to join the platform
  • Accept or reject registrations from your company

Reference contact management

In order to make exchanges easier on the platform, a preferred contact is defined for each point-of-contact. A specific reference contact is designated for the company page as well as for any given data offering.

The reference contact is usually the person who created the data offering, but that person may delegate management rights to a colleague or other employee.

Unified activity view

By using multi-account functionality, you can speed up your data purchasing and monetization activities by providing your team with a unified view. You benefit from an overview showing themes, data offerings published by your colleagues, and configured alerts.

Upcoming features

We are adding features for multi-account management to make it even easier for members of your company to use the platform:

  • Advanced role management: new roles to better manage features available to each member in your organization

  • Governance for data purchases/sales: manage your approval workflow directly from the Dawex platform

  • Representatives: delegated management of data purchase/sales actions to authorized representatives within your organization