30 November 2018 - 1 min read

Dawex mentioned in Villani report

The theme of the Villani report, named after the Parliament member and mathematician Cedric Villani, is “artificial intelligence and how to make it meaningful”. Commissioned by French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, the report refers in particular to the development of an open data policy and the continued access to public and publicly-funded data.
Dawex, its operations, goals, and distinctions are mentioned in Part 1 of the report: "An Economic Policy Based on Data."

The report identifies French companies as being among the "many initiatives (that) are worth promoting". The text highlights the distinction that needs to be made between Dawex and data brokers who simply buy, format, and resell data. Instead, Dawex supports companies step-by-step through the process of contractualizing their data exchanges directly with each other, while ensuring that all parties comply with applicable regulations according to the territory where the data is produced and used.

Furthermore, the French startup gives economic stakeholders an opportunity to share data with partner companies through private channels.

Lastly, the report points out that Dawex's innovative global data exchange project has already persuaded a leading investor, Caisse des Dépôts. Dawex was also selected to be a member of the Bpifrance Startup Hub class of 2016 and convinced the jury of the Digital Innovation Competition.

The Villani report undoubtedly opens new development opportunities for Dawex. The text underlines the need to continue supporting the creation of public and data exchange platforms or to create a European framework for using data.

In addition, the day after the report was made public, French president Emmanuel Macron presented the country's ambitions and strategy regarding artificial intelligence. He noted that the strategy revolves around several challenges, including the development of an open data policy, which will be implemented through various projects, including:

  • Continued opening of public and publicly-funded data
  • Support for creating public and private data exchange platforms
  • The creation of a European framework for using data
  • The creation of a health data hub within the secure and anonymous framework of the National Institute of Health Data (INDS)

Dawex's values and objectives clearly address the issues raised both by the Villani report and by the French president himself. Dawex will therefore continue to work on opening data exchange in France and more broadly across Europe, as well as around the world.