14 December 2017 - 1 min read

A mash-up at The Vault: France and Korea in the spotlight

Dawex participates in The Vault mash-up: France/Korea

Do you know about The Vault? Based in San Francisco, this innovation hub, startup accelerator, and co-working space organizes mash-ups every month, during which two countries are invited to talk about their entrepreneurial culture.

The goal of the evening event is to compare two cultures, identify differences and stumbling blocks, and to favor international cooperation regarding future projects. Countries are selected by random drawing to create pairs that are sometimes surprising, yet always relevant.

The December 2017 mash-up brought France together with Korea. Dawex was fortunate enough to be invited to represent France, accompanied by Clemence Vincent from French Tech and Andréa Maurieres from Business France.

A fine audience for Dawex!

The evening was designed to help us shed our preconceptions, under the guidance of Bill O'Connor, founder of The Innovation Genome project. This experience enabled us to see the degree to which our two ecosystems are similar and to understand the strengths of the Korean model. A healthy dose of inspiration to end the day...

A big thank you to the team at The Vault for organizing this remarkable evening.