9 October 2017 - 2 min read

Dawex speaks at OECD Expert Workshop in Copenhagen

Dawex speaks at OECD Expert Workshop in Copenhagen

OECD held its Expert Workshop in Copenhagen on October 2-3, dedicated to data and data access. Dawex was one of the speakers at this latest edition of the event.

"Enhanced Access to Data: Reconciling the Risks and Benefits of Data Re-use"[MI2]

Like other international stakeholders, OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) is watching the data economy closely. Whether for improving business productivity, furthering innovation, or meeting global challenges such as climate change, health, water, food and energy safety, or mass urbanization... OECD examines its role within this new economy, and the means to reinforce international cooperation at that level.

The organization identified Dawex as an industry reference for data marketplaces, and they invited us to give a presentation. We chose to discuss the topic: "Towards efficient, global, and trustworthy data markets," which we presented at the event's 3rd session.

Here is an introduction to our presentation:

"Data markets have emerged over the past few years, with online services hosting data from different publishers and offering data (potentially enhanced) to interested parties. This enables a new business model for using and sharing data. These marketplaces are different from brokers in that data brokers participate actively in the collection and aggregation of additional data, whereas data suppliers are intermediaries through which data controllers (including brokers) may offer their datasets. In addition, some data markets enable their clients to use data and mix it with their own datasets or other available data to create new value."

We were proud to present Dawex at this international event, and to meet many experts in the data economy from governments all around the world.