6 October 2017 - 1 min read

France is AI

Dawex leads conference session at "France is AI" – October 6, 2017

The calendar is very busy for our young company! Yesterday, several members of our team were in Boston for Outsell's Signature Event. Today, our co-founder Laurent Lafaye is headed to Paris for the second edition of the France is AI conference.

This event attracts researchers, entrepreneurs, company directors, and investors from around the world. The association that organizes France is AI seeks to promote the French Artificial intelligence ecosystem both locally and internationally. To reach its goals, the association builds ties with other activity clusters and economies, such as the data economy.

On the program: Two days of round tables, conferences, and competitions, and, above all, a session led by Laurent Lafaye:

"Data, the new fuel? Does France have an advantage?"

This intervention offers an opportunity to present our data marketplace and ask ourselves about the links between Big Data and artificial intelligence, particularly regarding the need to invest in collecting, cleaning, and preparing data.

  • Why is data the new black gold?
  • What is France's position, and that of Europe, in the data market?
  • What is the interest for companies and, more globally, for innovation?

We will address all these issues as well as questions from the audience.

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