27 September 2017 - 1 min read

Dawex speaks at GFII Knowledge Club conference

Dawex speaks at GFII Knowledge Club conference

On September 22, Dawex co-founder Laurent Lafaye participated in the Knowledge Club event organized by the French Industry and Information Association (GFII).

This club of industry experts focuses on the evolution of business models in industry and information markets. Other renowned participants took their turns at the podium, including Dr. Cécile Wendling (Group Head of Foresight for AXA).

The main objectives of the GFII expert club are to raise awareness in the industry and information ecosystem by organizing events and defining strategic orientations and positioning on legal, economic, and technical topics.

As an expert in the data market, Laurent Lafaye spoke about a very current issue: What are the impacts on the data economy of the European regulation for data protection? The two main topics of the day focused on defining the impacts of GDPR on organizations in the data market, then determining the deployment challenges for data exchange on a global level.

The conference was an opportunity for Dawex to share its goal to deploy worldwide infrastructure for circulating data, while respecting local regulations regarding data protection and transfer. The objective is to provide services for business stakeholders that secures and simplifies data exchange, not just between companies within the same sector or geographical region, but also between different domains and economic zones.

While these new data regulations are often seen as a new burden for companies, they are nonetheless essential for creating trust and security for economic decision-makers when getting involved with the emerging data economy.