26 June 2017 - 1 min read

Participation in Demo Day - Impact USA

Demo Day and the last moments of our Impact USA adventure

Our Impact USA experience had to end sometime! Our 10-week adventure culminated with our final pitch at Demo Day.

The event brings together a corporate crowd as well as VCs and journalists. Much more than just another pitch session, Demo Day marks the pinnacle of two and a half months of practice, meetings, workshops, and business development. The perfect opportunity to apply all the advice we had received throughout this business acceleration program.

Not only that, but since Dawex never does anything like the others (it’s just the way we are made), we didn't just participate in one Demo Day, but two! Anthoine in San Francisco, Fabrice in New York. We have fond memories of this occasion.

The organization was perfect. We even met unique personalities such as Ricky Waters, the San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl winning NFL football champion... He was able to convince us that a common point for business and high-level sports is the relentless dedication to discipline and everyday perseverance.

Giving tirelessly to achieve your project goals : his message is full of meaning, and even more, it summarizes our experience in San Francisco!