9 June 2017 - 1 min read

Dawex invited by Outsell in New York

Dawex invited by Outsell in New York

Three times a year, members of the Outsell Leadership Council (OLC) get together to talk about issues relating to the data sector. Dawex had the honor of participating last June 6.

"OLC is an exclusive gathering for CEOs from major companies in the IT sector." For members, Outsell dinners are an occasion to get together with other people and enrich the decision-making process with direct discussions with the community and Outsell analysts.

This invitation is flattering recognition for Dawex, especially considering that the other guests shared their serious interest for the Dawex platform and data monetization. That interest once again shows that the data economy has become a central question for the largest companies around the world.

This fast-growing economy creates new sources for opportunities and new challenges for companies to meet. With its worldwide data marketplace, Dawex is ready to offer step-by-step assistance to help other through the process of monetizing and acquiring data.