1 June 2017 - 1 min read

Startup Tour in San Francisco

Dawex selected for Startup Tour in San Francisco

This year, once again, the French Founder network and the French Morning news and information site, are organizing their Startup Tour, a competition that brings together the leading French startups in the United States. The competition takes place in major US cities, first locally, and then on a national level with the grand finale taking place in New York.

We just got the news: Dawex was selected for San Francisco. Competition is going to be (very) tough!! We are expected at the Résidence de France on June 5 to give our pitch to a panel comprised of French and American entrepreneurs and investors.

This new competition will enable us to gather feedback from a group of high-level professionals. It will be an opportunity for our team to reinforce ties with the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the United States, in particular with the event bringing together the French Consulates General, Business France, the French Grandes Écoles Alumni Association, and three French Tech Hub communities in the United States.

Silicon Valley is once again showing its interest in the data economy!