19 April 2017 - 1 min read

Blockchain and contract security on Dawex

How do we guarantee the integrity of our license contracts?

During a data transaction, a license contract is generated between the data buyer and the supplier. The contract governs the terms of use for the data and protects the rights of both parties. It is therefore an essential part of the transaction for which integrity must be guaranteed.

Dawex uses blockchain technology to guarantee license contracts.

We developed a Smart Contract algorithm, published on the Etherium blockchain, providing both license contract signatories with the highest possible level of guarantees regarding integrity and authenticity:

  • Invariability: no contract changes are possible after a contract has been accepted.
  • Permanent traceability : at any time, the buyer and supplier can verify whether the license contract in their possession is indeed that which corresponds to the transaction (based on the location of the Smart Contract).
  • Privacy : the only pieces of information sealed in the blockchain are the digital signature and license contract identifier. The identity of each transaction stakeholder is therefore protected.

    This technology enables Dawex to be the trusted third-party for all your data transactions. Do you have any questions about our license contracts, or the security of your data? Contact us