6 March 2017 - 1 min read

Generate revenue with your APIs

Monetize your APIs to generate recurring revenue

Pettabytes of data are produced every day by billions of connected objects, along with traditional industry and retail IT systems. Accessible via APIs, these new data sources represent an unprecedented opportunity for companies. In fact, data is a new goldmine of value that can be accessed through processing and sharing within ecosystems. Dawex enables producing companies to generate value from this resource by monetizing their data.

Create your offering

You can create as many offerings as you want on our platform to monetize your data via API. Our tools enable you to configure your offerings precisely : you choose the data that you want to make accessible for each offering (one or more URLs, which API parameters can be used, etc.).

Adjust your pricing

Our numerous pricing options enable you to adjust your rates appropriately according to demand and data type, such as: pricing for a given period, per URL, or for a complete offering. You also have the possibility to define discount pricing at any time.

How management APIs work

Dawex positions itself as the trusted third-party for your transactions. Before every purchase, buyers have the option to examine a sample of your data in order to evaluate the quality. Data excerpts are created independently and objectively by Dawex.

Our platform manages API access for each buyer. Buyers receive access only after payment is received by the supplier.

Secure and efficient transactions

Dawex provides you with a range of features to secure transactions:

  • A marketplace to promote your data and offer buyers the possibility to contact you directly.
  • Tools that enable buyers to evaluate data quality (without revealing the data).
  • A secure, private messaging system to negotiate transaction terms and follow all your discussions.
  • Powerful privacy tools to control your company’s visibility as well as the distribution of your data. You are the only one who can decide who gets to use your data (in the marketplace or privately).
  • A license contract to set the framework for using your data.