6 February 2017 - 1 min read

Dawex invited to Data Monetization Workshop in Nashville

Dawex invited to Data Monetization Workshop in Nashville

On February 1, 2017, Dawex went to the Data Monetization Workshop organized by Lydia Jones and InSage in Nashville, Tennessee. Invited as a panelist, the startup met other stakeholders in the data ecosystem.

Many important questions came up during the meetings, notably regarding the value of data and how companies perceive data.

Several key issues were raised, including data transformation and generating value from data as an asset for companies. Data represents added-value for business, though relatively few companies seem to be aware of that fact. It is therefore important to help them understand the mechanism and the process to follow to promote data.

Dawex and the other panelists at the Data Monetization Workshop therefore sought to find out how companies – across all sectors – can become aware of the value of their data.

Another key point is how upper management perceives data monetization. While the data market continues to convince increasing numbers of sectors and industries, there is still a level of "foot-dragging" in the highest circles of company management. The idea is to help overcome preconceived ideas and fears, to enable organizations to maximize profit by leveraging their data.

To conclude the session, Doug Laney (vice-president and distinguished analyst at Gartner, author of the best-selling book "Infonomics") joined the event via video-conference. When asked about the future of this essential data monetization ecosystem, Doug did not hesitate to indicate that marketplaces are going to play a key role, referring to Dawex as the "perfect example of these new players."

Thankful for being invited to the Data Monetization Workshop in Nashville, Dawex was able to help establish new communication to encourage companies to invest without fear in the data market.