11 November 2016 - 1 min read

UK - French Data Taskforce - Data Driven Growth

Dawex participates in Data Driven Growth Taskforce

The Dawex platform was created in France, but the issues it raises often bring us to consider, and cooperate with, the international scene.

We were recently invited to participate in the workgroup for the France / United Kingdom taskforce regarding the emergence of a data economy in our two countries. We were asked to present the Dawex business model and the manner in which we create value from data.


Our workgroup was comprised of a pool of established companies and startups involved with the new data economy. Together, we thought about how our two countries could cooperate to open the untapped economic and social value of data.

The other French and British participants were:

  • DCMS
  • Open Data Institute
  • British Library
  • Alan Turing Institute
  • Royal Society
  • INRA
  • French Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • techUK
  • Yoti
  • HiyaCar
  • Cap Digital
  • Digital Catapult
  • Numa
  • Thomson Reuters

A long-term project

The taskforce's binational effort resulted in the publication of two reports containing various recommendations and options for implementation.

These documents will be used by the French and British governments to work with partner organizations and carry forward the report's recommendations.

Annual summits will be organized by the two countries to follow up on related actions and activities. The next UK-France Data Summit is scheduled on February 23 in London, in the presence of Ministers Axelle Lemaire and Matthew Hancock.

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