20 October 2016 - 1 min read

Building a European Data Economy - High Level Conference

Report from the conference, "Building a European Data Economy"

Dawex accepted the invitation of the European Commission DG CONNECT (Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology) to participate in the conference: «Building a European Data Economy»

This event was organized as part of the "Free Flow of Data" initiative relating to strategy for the unique digital market. For the European Commission, the goal was to compare the points of view of different stakeholders across all sectors, to examine both the barriers to data circulation within the EU, and the current legal framework.

This high-level conference brought together representatives of Member states and legal experts, along with large companies and startups such as Dawex.

The main topics covered included:

  • Potential obstacles for using data, and effective re-use of cross-border and sector data.
  • Exchanging B2C and B2B data: rights regarding data, access, and (re-)use of data; problems related to portability and responsibility, as well as restrictions on data geolocation.
  • The need to enable data portability between departments and beyond borders to favor a competitive environment and develop innovative new services.

    The day was particularly interesting, rich with dialog and reflection, also enabling us to meet Commissioner Oettinger as well as Roberto Viola, General Director of DG CONNECT. We are proud to be part of building this new market, which holds promise for the European economy.