6 October 2016 - 1 min read

The subscription feature on Dawex

[New] Make money from your past and future data

Do you produce data regularly? Every day or every month? With our subscription feature, Dawex gives you a way to generate value from all your data, both existing and future. Here’s what we mean.

Subscriptions: a new way to monetize data

However often you produce data, you can monetize it with subscriptions. All you need to do is create a new data offering, indicate your production rate, and provide one or more files to give your future buyers a chance to evaluate your offering.

Advantages of this feature

  • You can find buyers for your future data while still promoting your past data.
  • You benefit from regular revenue, with subscribers paying you monthly.
  • You get to manage your pricing closely, such as by adjusting prices based on the subscription period or by offering discounts.
  • You give your buyers the possibility to acquire your past data individually.

Easier set-up

Our alert system notifies subscribers automatically with a message when a new dataset is available on your account. You can concentrate on your offerings and let us handle the rest.

Test this feature now via your "Offering" form.