22 August 2016 - 1 min read

Protecting personal data: a new approach

Dawex wins PEDRA call-for-projects for protecting personal data

More good news for our team: Dawex has won a call-for-projects for protecting personal data, organized by Bpifrance and the French Minister of State for the Digital Sector, attached to the Ministry of the Economy.

The call-for-projects, PEDRA (Protection of Personal Data), is part of the Investment in the Future program's "Heart of the Digital Sector" framework.

Bpifrance has observed that data anonymization techniques exist to respect individuals' privacy. For a given dataset collected from individuals or groups, today's procedures make it possible to remove any links that would enable the identification of the concerned people or entities.

However, the reality is that many anonymization solutions are incomplete and do not enable truly effective anonymization and protection. By concentrating and cross-referencing data, it is entirely possible to rebuild personal data that has not been sufficiently anonymized. On the other hand, personal data that is over-anonymized may not be useful and could lose its intrinsic value.

As part of its thinking on this topic, Dawex offered a complementary approach to use alongside existing anonymization techniques. The idea is to overcome limits by detecting, among exchanges of anonymized personal data, potential concentration movements and data cross-referencing that could enable reconstitution.

This represents a preventive approach that should limit a number of industry abuses and help contribute to better respect for people's private lives. The stakes are high for the future of the data economy.