14 June 2016 - 1 min read

Data descriptions on Dawex

Organize your data into themes to make it more accessible

Qualifying data is one of the key features of our marketplace. Clear descriptions make it possible for people to find your data, and therefore to make purchases. Dawex implemented a highly effective alert system for buyers, using theme-based searches. Here’s what we mean.

On Dawex, your company page serves as your company’s business card. To increase your visibility, we recommend that you provide descriptions that are as accurate as possible regarding your activity, sectors in which you operate, geographical locations, etc.

As a seller, you may select or create themes that correspond to your activity. With a carefully defined description of your activity and your data, you make it easier to stand out in the marketplace, without having to first upload your files or provide an API connection.

Additional benefit: you can refine your offerings based on your contacts with potential buyers, notably in terms of qualification, content, pricing, and frequency.

As a buyer, you can create alerts by describing what you are looking for accurately. You will receive notification as soon as files corresponding to your needs are available on the platform. This enables you to stay informed at all times about topics that interest you.

Good to know: you may configure as many alerts as you want. You are the only one who can see your alerts.