2 June 2016 - 3 min read

Dawex raises €2 million

Dawex, expert in monetizing data, accelerates its development thanks to support from the French Caisse des Dépôts, which has become a prestigious minority shareholder in the company. Dawex seeks to help drive the data economy forward by facilitating access to data monetization for all types of public- and private-sector stakeholders.

Dawex is a data marketplace that enables public-sector organizations and companies of all kinds to share, generate revenue, and acquire data without any intermediaries. With a unified platform, Dawex combines all the steps and functions for carrying out data transactions, notably with respect to legal aspects. Dawex is a trusted third-party between entities that want to monetize any type of data directly, including business, technical, behavioral, and personal data, anonymized or not.

An approach based on data protection by design and by default (consistent with reinforced protection for privacy in new European regulations), ensures that Dawex users benefit from ongoing assistance to help them respect their legal obligations, particularly when transferring data containing personal information.

Designated as laureate of the Digital Innovation Competition in October 2015, the startup participates with the European Commission as an expert in Data Monetization.

For Caisse des Dépôts, this investment fits in with its contribution to the emergence, structuring, and consolidation of digital service projects, notably in the field of developing platforms that resolve issues related to monetizing territorial data, whether that data is derived from the public sector or SMEs and mid-sized companies.

Gabrielle Gauthey, Director of Investment and Local Development for Caisse des Dépôts, says:

“We are very enthusiastic about the prospect of collaborating with Fabrice, Laurent, and the entire team. This is a key moment in the data transition for companies and local authorities. This new data economy is not just reserved for stakeholders with digital interests. It must enable all companies to benefit from a growth lever created by sharing and distributing data, a mechanism that remains largely underused today.”

Dawex was founded by Fabrice Tocco and Laurent Lafaye, two experts in data transactions who are continuing their joint company creation adventure together. Prior to Dawex, they had co-founded a company with two other associates, specializing in data for the automobile sector. The company became the worldwide leader. Since March 2015, they have been building Dawex, bringing together a team of 10 employees, mainly comprised of engineers, designers, and data analysts.

These funds will enable Dawex to accelerate its growth and to quickly become the reference company in the market, as explained by the company’s founders, Fabrice Tocco and Laurent Lafaye:

“Our goal is to contribute to the development of the data economy by making data exchange accessible and secure for all economic stakeholders. The new funds will help us speed up the development of a trusted third-party platform for French and European companies.”

The data economy is a major factor for European economic development. By considering this new economy as a market in its own right, Dawex can enable all companies to benefit from a growth lever derived from data circulation. This vector remains highly under-used today. Today, the only way to speed up the growth of the data economy is to make data monetization available to the largest number of interested parties, thanks to a trusted and easy-to-use technology tool.

Fabrice Tocco, Dawex co-founder

“In an emerging market, the lack of guidelines for decision-makers often leads them to abandon any desire to share their data. Trust is a necessary element in the development of any economy. We wanted to materialize this trust both with our Dawex tool, as well as by opening our company’s capital equity to a French institutional investor that is strongly committed to digital trust.”

Dawex’s goal is to contribute to building the data economy in France, Europe, and throughout the world, by making data exchange, with or without financial compensation, accessible and secure for all economic stakeholders.

About Dawex

Dawex was founded in March 2015 by Fabrice Tocco and Laurent Lafaye, two entrepreneurs experienced in generating value from data, with the goal of facilitating and securing data transactions. Thanks to the Dawex platform, designed for end-users and offering flexible options, suppliers publish their offers and highlight the value of their data. They retain complete control over distribution and configure their own usage rights. Simultaneously, Dawex enables data buyers to find the most appropriate offers, evaluate data quality, program data exchange over time, and receive notifications regarding new opportunities.

About Caisse des Dépôts

Caisse des Dépôts and its subsidiaries comprise a public group that makes long-term investments to serve the public interest and economic development of French territories. Its mission was confirmed by the French law on Economic Modernization of August 4, 2008. Recognized for its expertise in mandate management, the Group focuses its actions on four societal transitions that are strategic for long-term development in France: territorial, ecological and energy, digital, and demographic transitions.