26 October 2015 - 2 min read

Dawex wins first Digital Innovation Competition

Dawex wins first Digital Innovation Competition

Dawex is one of 19 winners of the first Digital Innovation Competition sponsored by France's "Investments for the Future" program (PIA).

The goal of this competition is to support the launch of innovative products and services invented by French Tech startups. This award is worthy recognition for Dawex, which will benefit from a unique support program.
The Digital Innovation Competition seeks to highlight French Tech and its ambitious projects that are changing tomorrow’s daily life. The competition targets eight specific themes:

  • Living better: health, sports, well-being
  • Sharing: common goods, collaborative consumption
  • Learning and acquiring culture better: culture, media, leisure, education
  • Helping each other: services for people, social welfare
  • Getting around better: urban movement, tourism, mobility
  • Consuming better: payment, finance, business
  • Producing better: consumer goods, factories of tomorrow, buildings, infrastructure
  • Building green growth: environment, energy savings

Dawex received its award in the “Consuming better” category and “Collaborative consumption sub-category”. In particular, it was Dawex's new service supporting personal data traceability that appealed to the Digital Innovation Competition jury.

The Dawex service represents a real benefit for companies, notably given that they will soon be subject to a new European legal framework regarding the management of their clients' personal data. According to the competition report, this is a first in the data and personal data management sector:

"Unique on the market, this tool will give companies a way to respond effectively to consumers who request opposition regarding the use of their personal data."

The service's reliability, ergonomics, and security were also decisive factors for the jury of French Tech experts, who were particularly attracted by the various mechanisms:

  • Automated notifications
  • Data flow traceability
  • Monitoring of rights granted for personal data

Like the other competition winners, Dawex respond to an ongoing call-for-projects. Projects typically have a duration of 12-18 months, with investment ranging from 0.5 to 3 million euros.
After the application was submitted, an expert committee comprising entrepreneurs and renowned figures from the French Tech community selected the best projects. Dawex and the other startups chosen by the jury were invited to an audition to give their pitch.
Following the auditions, the awarded projects were assessed in order to establish a funding agreement.

As a winner, Dawex will receive financial support from national authorities, both as subsidies and reimbursable advances, to help accelerate the startup's project. The amounts provided in aid are significant, covering up to half of all eligible project costs.
In addition to the financial aspect, this competition also enables laureates to benefit from a new support program. Entrepreneurs and recognized French Tech personalities will share their experience with the winning startups. In addition, funding methods will no longer be limited just to technological considerations, but will now also include marketing, usage, business models, distribution, design, processes, and organization.
Dawex is pleased that the French Tech experts understood that data protection in Europe is a key issue. Thanks to the various types of funding granted to Dawex, the French startup will be able to deploy its activity on a European-wide level by integrating additional features into its global data marketplace.

Dawex would particularly like to thank:

  • Axelle Lemaire: French Secretary of State for the Digital Sector and Innovation
  • DGEntreprise: France’s Directorate General for Enterprise
  • Bpifrance: Public investment bank