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We created Dawex to make it easier for organizations in all business sectors around the world to exchange and monetize IoT data.

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« IoT data contains incredible potential in terms of providing better insights about customers and behaviors, products and capabilities, and how customers interact with connected products and the world around them. Yet, the tremendous opportunity to generate economic value from all this collected data is being missed by most organizations embarking on the IoT journey » Gartner report, 2016

Monetizing IoT data with total security and compliance

  • Data Marketplace

    The arrival of IoT data is revolutionizing the Data Economy. For companies, this data is becoming an asset with high value-added to be mastered and leveraged. Dawex enables companies to both find buyers in diverse business sectors and identify new data sources. With its data marketplace, Dawex offers a unique and secure space for exchanging and monetizing all types of data captured by connected objects.

  • IoT data transaction

    With Dawex, the data supplier configures the terms and conditions for monetizing IoT data, whether the data is exchanged in file format or via an API, with or without history, or as a one-time-only transaction or a subscription. For each buyer, the supplier may decide to offer custom or standard pricing. Dawex provides a single platform with which users can manage all their data buyers and suppliers.

  • Contractualization

    Dawex offers an effective solution that enables all IoT stakeholders to contractualize their data exchanges, notably thanks to precise control over terms and conditions for data, associated license rights, and data pricing.

  • Compliance

    While most IoT data suppliers make their data anonymous before exchanging it with third-parties, Dawex has nonetheless integrated the legal and regulatory obligations necessary to handle transfers involving personal data. Every data transaction on Dawex must first meet clear eligibility requirements, shared between the parties concerned by the transaction.

Data & IoT Conference: "Data from connected objects: tomorrow, a new world?"

What are the technological and economic stakes for companies? How to derive value from this intangible asset? What are the benefits and impact for our societies?

These questions and many more were addressed by well-known experts, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers during the Dawex conference. See high points from the conference in the video below:

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Access the marketplace to monetize or acquire your data from around the entire world. Or use our technology in Data Exchange Platform mode to promote and exchange your data with your partners, such as subsidiaries, clients, and suppliers, with complete security and privacy.

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