Public Sector Data Exchange Solutions

Increasing numbers of nations are taking a more transparent approach to public policy by opening data concerning their administrative departments and public-sector companies. Open Data and the development of Smart Cities are creating new opportunities at social and economic levels.

Smart City

As a resource, data is held by both public and private stakeholders in Smart City initiatives. In order to build the smart cities of tomorrow, data must flow freely, while respecting regulatory frameworks and offering guarantees to ensure data privacy for individuals.


Public Authorities

Deriving value directly or indirectly from some part of available data represents a new source of revenue for public authorities. It helps ensure the fair distribution of generated value while consolidating open data initiatives for the long-term.

Research and Teaching

The university community thrives on collecting and sharing information. Being able to access a wider variety of data stimulates new research topics and helps spread knowledge more rapidly.


Public-sector companies

Through their industrial and commercial activities, public-sector companies are both producers and consumers of data, interacting with private-sector entities, public authorities, and citizens. It is their responsibility to guarantee the highest possible level of data protection, particularly when exchanging data that contains personal information.

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