Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Exchange Solutions

Laboratories, healthcare establishments, public authorities, new entrants: tomorrow’s medicine is based on sharing data between various health stakeholders.

Pharmaceutical laboratories

Healthcare data analyzed on a massive scale is transforming the pharmaceutical sector. The outlook is promising: reducing R&D costs, optimizing clinical trials, personalizing treatment and improving patient assistance.


Healthcare establishments

Thanks to their knowledge of patients and health pathways, hospitals and clinics play a crucial role in the use of health data. By combining their data with those from other stakeholders, they are working to improve diagnostics and care quality.

Public health

One of the goals for public health authorities is to unite all health data within a mega-database to facilitate it's sharing and use while respecting privacy. The challenge? Treat better, spend less.

Health Tech

Many startups are developing connected health objects (quantified self) that generate considerable volumes of physiological data. This represents a gold mine for improving epidemiology and facilitating the emergence of predictive medicine.


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