Blockchain and Forgery-proof licensing contract

We ensure the integrity of the licensing contract thanks to the Blockchain and its Smart Contract technology.

Benefit from the blockchain technology without using a third party

During a data transaction, a licensing contract is generated between the buyer and the data provider. We developed a Smart Contract, published in the Ethereum Blockchain, to offer a service that provides guarantees of integrity and authenticity to the licensing contract signers.

  • Integrity of the licensing contract

    Blockchain properties prevent the contract from being modified after signature.

  • Simple and direct verification

    Thanks to the localisation of the Smart Contract, provided by Dawex, both the data provider and the data buyers can check, at any given time, that the licensing contract copy they have in their possession is the one corresponding to the transaction.

  • Transaction confidentiality

    The digital signature and the licensing contract ID are the only information stored in the Blockchain. The identities of both parties participating in the transaction are protected.

5 steps to guarantee the integrity of the contract.

Our Smart Contract is Open source

We chose to make our Smart Contract code available on GitHub.

Go to the Dawex GitHub

Verification of the licensing contract integrity

Learn how the buyer, the provider or Dawex can check that the licensing contract copy they have in their possession is the one corresponding to the transaction.

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