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Kanematsu establishes a marketplace for data trading [Japanese] September 19,2019 How Amadeus reinvents itself to support the evolution of the industry [French] September 11, 2019 Data exchanges are the keystone of the economy [French] September 02, 2019 Data exchanges are the keystone of the economy, a column by Laurent Lafaye [French] August 30, 2019 French start-up Dawex, fresh off a EUR5 million funding round, eyes establishing Middle East presence in 2020 July 14, 2019 Dawex turns his data marketplace into a solution... and becomes an editor [French] July 10, 2019 Dawex wants to create a global data stock exchange [French] June 28, 2019 Laurent Lafaye - Dawex: how to monetize data between companies [French] May 27, 2019 Dawex Raises €5 Million to Accelerate the Development of the Data Economy May 23, 2019 Amadeus Ventures invests in Dawex to unlock the power of data in travel May 07, 2019 Agriculture data commercialization moves into high gear [French] January 9, 2019 Why the Internet of Things needs dynamic data exchanges December 19, 2018 Kanematsu enters the data monetization market with Dawex [Japanese] December 14, 2018 The Ile-de-France region chooses Engie-led consortium to build its Data Exchange Platform platform, using Dawex technology [French] November 11, 2018 Data: a sellable by-product? [French] November 14, 2018 GAFA monopoly: How to fight? [French] September 17, 2018 French American Business Awards Highlight French-American Partnerships June 11, 2018 Cédric Villani pleads for data sharing [French] June 22, 2018 Who are the French blockchain startups? [French] March 22, 2018 11 French startups pursuing the American dream [French] March 01, 2018 Blockchain: what's behind the predicted revolution? [French] February 08, 2018 The new data exchanges [German] December 27, 2017 Dawex shares advice for a successful launch on the American Market [French] November 15, 2017 Dawex, winner of the International Digital Trophies 2017 [French] October 25, 2017 Press Release - Mnubo and Dawex partner to deliver the industry's first IoT analytics and monetization solution October 17, 2017 Dawex is building a new Wall Street for IoT data [French] September 06, 2017 French startup Dawex aims at listing data like stocks in its Global Data Exchange [French] August 22, 2017 Europe funds another data accelerator to get startups tackling societal problems April 10, 2017 Dawex rolls-out in San Francisco [French] February 10, 2017 Give us back our data! February 14, 2017 Dawex selected by Business France to represent France at Slush [French] November 23, 2016 Presentation of Dawex by its co-founders on BFM Business [French] June 07,2016 Dawex, the future Airbnb of data [French] October 10, 2016 Dawex seeks to position itself as a leading player in the Data Economy [French] June 02, 2016 Caisse des Dépôts joins Dawex share capital [French] June 02, 2016 Sharing and monetizing your data lawfully with Dawex [French] August 08, 2016

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