Dawex sponsors Self-Driving Car conference to build a roadmap to the car of the future

Paris, France - November 19, 2019

Dawex sponsors Self-Driving Car conference to build a roadmap to the car of the future

The road to building truly autonomous vehicles is fraught with tough challenges to tackle: development, technical, legal, data exchange and infrastructure challenges to name a few. Developing, building and introducing self-driving cars to our urban landscapes requires the knowledge and foresight to anticipate potential issues.

The Self-Driving Car morning conference hosted by L’Usine Digitale brings together industry leaders and pioneers such as Vinci Autoroutes and PSA to discuss the latest issues and challenges in the autonomous vehicle market. Taking place on November 19th at the Hotel Le Marois in Paris, this series of presentations and discussions is a unique opportunity for experts at the forefront of this new mobility frontier to share their experience.

This Self-Driving Car conference aims to:

  • Provide an overview of the state of the art of the most advanced players in the sector
  • Evaluate the benefits of independent driving and safety issues
  • Understand which business models are emerging around AI in the autonomous vehicle market

Dawex sponsors this event and will take part in the discussion, addressing the topic “Data - the super fuel for autonomous vehicles: how will new data exchange technologies boost the market for autonomous vehicles?

Dawex data exchange technology allows institutions and companies in all sectors to source, exchange and monetize their data securely and in full compliance with regulations.

Join Dawex and other pioneers to find out how data exchange is the fuel that will propel self-driving cars into our everyday lives

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