15 June 2020 - 1 min read

Let’s Turn the Data Exchange Spotlight on Non-Personal Data

Mitigating the health and economic impact of the Corona virus crisis requires data to circulate in a fast and secure manner. This need has been clearly identified by major international organizations, since the beginning of the pandemic, as a key component of a global cooperation. It precipitated a multiplication of data exchanges. However the attention has been on the specifics attached to personal data and ways to circumvent the ethical and legal challenges associated with their use.


It is high time to turn the spotlight on non-personal data. Enterprise data, production data, and supply chain data are essential to achieve the necessary global cooperation encouraged by all. Only data matching covering the full spectrum: non-personal and personal, public and private, open data and licensed data transactions will provide us with all the pieces to grasp the big picture. Personal data on its own can only help us see half of the puzzle. Every player has a piece of the puzzle!

To make this coordinated effort a reality and deploy data circulation at scale, organizations have to become aware of the value of their non-personal data and the availability of dedicated secure environments to exchange them.


A good way to start is to contribute and look for the data you need on the COVID-19 Data Exchange